martedì 22 marzo 2016

I am not scared

I am not scared.

I refuse to be scared.

No matter how many bombs or shootings or whatever the hell you will do, I am not scared.

Because it took you who knows how much time and money to arrange an attack that had less victims than an average Saturday night on the roads, so the death toll is not the point. The point is you trying to scare me, and you won't win. I am not scared of you as I am not scared of driving my car.

I am not scared because people will eventually be fed up of fruitlessly exploding themselves. And you will have lost.

I am not scared because your lame religious excuse is just that. An excuse. And even if it weren't it would be lame nonetheless, as religions tend to be.

I am not scared because my brain and my rationality is bigger than your bombs. And you cannot win.

I am not scared because today I've been told by my students that yesterday they met a group of war refugees and it has been "an eye opener" and that it changed their view on immigrants. You have lost.

I am not scared because all the Trumps in the world are just morons. Obscenely rich morons, but morons nonetheless.

I refuse to be scared.

I am not scared, and you have lost.

Fuck you.

Stay tuned,


mercoledì 2 marzo 2016


Breve aggiornamento doveroso.

Nonostante ciò che si dice in alcuni articoli, la Clinton è sempre più saldamente al comando. Bernie è sempre più indietro rispetto ai benchmark che dovrebbe raggiungere per rimanere in corsa ed è davvero difficile che a questo punto possa farcela a conquistare la nomination democratica.

Per il GOP, il discorso è diverso.