mercoledì 27 aprile 2016

Kouign Amann! #Daringkitchen

So, here's the news: I subscribed to the daring kitchen.

This means that each month I get to try a new recipe and reveal the results on the 27th of the month here on the blog.

The strange thing is: I heve been wanting to tell you about this for weeks, and today I almost forgot about it.

Anyway, this month's recipe was the Kouign Amann. It is a pastry from Brittany made of flour, sugar, yeast and butter. Loads of butter.

I was very excited to try this, because is a laminated dough pastry, which is a technique I plan to experiment with and because it reminded me of the few times I have been in Brittany.
Unfortunately, I am not particularly pleased with the results, but they tasted good and were gone after just a few hours, so I won't complain too much.

You can find the original recipe here but keep in mind that it didn't work for me: nobody else seems to have had the same problem, but for me it was too much water; I had to add quite a lot of flour and still the dough was a very soft one, which kept absorbing the butter and someway spoiling the lamination process. Also, the oven temperatures were too high for me, but that depends on the oven.

Anyway, it was fun to do, so give it a go if you are into this kind of things :)

Stay tuned,


PS: Taking pictures of food is horribly difficult, especially in the evening.

PPS: My post n. 200 YAY! \o/

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Unknown ha detto...

I'm so sad you had trouble with them :( Mine didn't turn out as beautifully as some but we gobbled them up. Maybe you'll get a chance to try them again. The Daring Kitchen has a way of revisiting things like that. Welcome to a great group!

MiKo ha detto...

First of all: Welcome!

No problem, it was my fault (I shouldn't have added all the water at once), and I found a recipe on one of my most trusted books, so maybe I'll try that one next time. Anyway: I quite enjoyed the taste, so I cannot say they were a failure :)